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Wise Cheez Doodles Crunchy Hot & Tangy

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Wise Cheez Doodles Crunchy Hot & Tangy

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Taste test: One of the many nice things about Chicago is that there are several snack companies selling hot cheese curls.

Some of those are very hot, and some are very tasty, with the Cheezels from Jays being the best of all. This snack seemed to be Wise's attempt to bring that sort of taste to its customers far beyond Chicago. The curls were very irregularly shaped (even moreso than the usual Cheez Doodles Crunchy), and they had a seasoning that was indeed hot and tangy. It wasn't as hot as the Vitner's version of these, and it wasn't as tangy as the Jays version, but it was still pretty good.

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Smell test: Not hot, definitely tangy, but still mild.

From the package: “WhooooEee! Send you taste buds to the Louisiana bayou with Wise® Hot & Tangy cheez doodles®. These spicy creole flavored corn snacks deliver a real kick. First you savor the tangy sweetness, then yeow! ... here comes the heat.”

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Company: Wise Foods Inc.

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