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M-Azing Crunchy Bar

M-Azing Crunchy Bar

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Taste test: This M-Azing chocolate bar is definitely one of the cooler-looking candy bars to come along in a while (as is its similar-looking peanut butter cousin).

Once you open the wrapper, you'll see that the eight sections of the bar (in a 4x2 grid) each are embossed with various M&M's mascots in various poses. The reason it looks so cool is that the M&M's inside the chocolate don't jut out of the chocolate, but instead the curvy candies somehow go flush against the smooth edge and become colorful spots in the surface. It's an impressive visual effect. The M&M's weren't actually M&M's, but rather chocolate shells filled entirely with crushed Rice Krispies. They were indeed crunchy. I thought the chocolate taste was just adequate, and the whole thing was just too sweet. Nothing great.

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Smell test: An OK chocolate smell.

From the package: “Milk chocolate bar with M&M's® Minis® crunchy chocolate candies” ... “Enjoyment Tip: Do not use if inner foil is broken or torn.”

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Company: M&M/Mars Division of Mars, Inc.

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