Herr's Steak & Worcestershire Potato Chips
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Herr's Steak & Worcestershire Potato Chips

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Taste test: These chips do taste like a steak, along with some worcestershire sauce poured on them.

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The chips are not greasy, although there is a lot of powder on them that will cause you to lick your finger. Vegetarians beware! These will leave a beefy aftertaste in your mouth after you eat a few. Although we don't think there is any actual beef or steak in the chips.

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Smell test: Hard to place aroma, not very powerful, but not obnoxious.

From the package: “Take a bite of this unique flavor sensation -- Herr's Steak & Worcestershire Potato Chips. Herr's takes the finest potatoes, cooks them in pure vegetable oil to a golden, crispy crunch. We then top them with authentic steak and worcestershire flavors. It is hard to find such a great taste outside of a steakhouse. Are you drooling yet? Herr's Steak & Worcestershire Potato Chips -- It is hard to pronounce (woos-ter-shir) but so easy to enjoy. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed.”

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Company: Herr's

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Trivia: The city of Worcester, Mass., is pronounced (wuh-ster), not (wor-ches-ter).

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in Delaware. Review published .

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