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Dirty Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion

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Dirty Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion

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Taste test: These are pretty good chips.

What the bag says about the real potato flavor is true: they've got lots of it. They've also got lots and lots of sour cream and onion flavor. The "dirty" thing isn't just a marketing gimmick: the chips are irregular in shape and not the prettiest chips in the world, but they do taste really good.

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Smell test: These have a really nice, strong sour cream and sweet onion flavor.

From the package: “We call them 'Dirty' Potato Chips because we don't wash off the natural potato juices, so they are crispier & tastier!” ... “Many decades past, all potato chips were made the old fashioned way. Hand picked potatoes were cooked in open kettles, one batch in a time, with a fry master waiting to remove the golden chips at the peak of their flavor. Today, potato chips are made in monstrous fryers with most of the flavor being washed out to prevent the potato slices from sticking to each other. Computers monitor these monsters for efficiency — not for taste or crunch.”

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Company: Utz

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