Maui Style Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips
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Maui Style Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

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Taste test: We were VERY hungry after our 10 hours of flying from Boston to Hawaii, so when we spotted these chips in the local grocery store we grabbed a bag.

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Because we were so hungry, we ended up eating half the bag on the first night. These chips are kettle cooked in the Maui style, which is similar to the Cape Cod style. They are very crunchy, oily without feeling too greasy, and there is just enough vinegar on the chip to remind you that you're eating a salt and vinegar chip. These are great chips, and if you're in Hawaii and are jonesing for some S&V chips, grab a bag of these.

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Smell test: Somewhat vinegary smell.

From the package: “Howzit potato chip fans! So you're digging into this bag of Maui Style Salt & Vinegar chips and you're wondering: 'Why does Maui Style S&V taste SO killer?' Then you ask yourself: 'Is it the mellow, friendly people? The cool green valleys? The classic surf spots?... Oh, wait wait wait! I get'em I get'em: Maui, beach, ocean, SALT! A potato that spends six hours a day fishing on a perfect Maui beach is one SALTY buggah! And one LUCKY buggah, too! DAS WHY they taste so ono.' (And you, you one SMART buggah fo' figure it out!)”

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This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in Hawaii. Review published .

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