Cheetos Mystery Colorz X's & O's

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Cheetos Mystery Colorz X's & O's

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Taste test: These didn't seem to taste any different than the regular X's & O's Cheetos. The big deal about them was that any given Cheeto in this bag was supposed to change your tongue to either green or blue. They did just that, but the blue or green wasn't nearly as bright as it showed in the example with Chester Cheetah's tongue on the bag.

The whole thing seemed like a pretty dumb idea to me for quite a few reasons. For one, when I'm eating chips, I'm not sitting in front of a mirror, so I had to walk to the bathroom to go look at my tongue and see what color each Cheeto changed it to. And I really don't have that much interest in looking at my own tongue when I'm eating chips — I never even tried to look before, but now that these Cheetos had me looking, I didn't like what I saw.

If you're tired of walking to the mirror to see what color each Cheeto changed your tongue to, you could try to lick the Cheetos without eating them. The result was blue or green spots on the Cheeto that looked a lot like mold.

The dumbest thing of all about these "mystery colorz" was that there was hardly any difference between the green ones and the blue ones — they all looked just about the same, so what was the mystery?

If you're hoping to play with the colors without taking the risk of putting these in your mouth, don't bother: I ran a Cheeto under cold tap water and then hot tap water, and neither changed the color at all.

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Smell test: Smells the same as the Cheetos that don't change colors when you eat them.

From the package: “Dangerously Cheesy®” ... “Color changing crispy puff”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Thistle & Shamrock, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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