Michael Season's Soy Protein Chips Original

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Michael Season's Soy Protein Chips Original

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Taste test: These chips were shaped a lot like Doritos, equilateral triangles about the same size.

All of the chips had many tiny bubbles in them, and some had much larger bubbles as well. The chips were indeed very crunchy, as it said on the bag, but it wasn't a good crunch. It was a hard crunch without any crispness, so it just didn't feel good biting in. The feel was similar to other soy chips. The first bite was OK, as the salt and other flavorings on the outside had an acceptable taste, but the taste got worse with every bite, with a taste typical of soy chips, kind of like you're eating sand. Some tasters weren't so repelled by these chips, as they praised the texture and crunch and were even able to eat several chips in a row, but even they didn't like them all that much. General consensus was: Yuk.

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Smell test: Sort of a deep-fried smell.

From the package: “Great crunch!” ... “Feel Good Snacking™” ... “Low Carb - High Protein - Good Fiber” ... “Net Carbs 5/12 Protein” ... “Low Carbohydrates - People controlling their carbohydrates intake should only count 5 grams of the 9 grams of total carbohydrates. You may subtract dietary fiber (4 grams), which has a minimal impact on blood sugar.” ... “Made from Non-GMO Soy Beans by IPP (Identity Preservation Program.)”

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Company: Natural Snacks, LLC

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