Michael Season's Soy Protein Chips Spicy Ranch

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Michael Season's Soy Protein Chips Spicy Ranch

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Taste test: These trangular chips resembled Doritos in size and shape.

Most were somewhat curled, rather than flat. They had a pale yellow color, with various sized bubbles scattered randomly throughout each chip. The chips were very crunchy and crisp, with a less brittle crunch than you get from corn-based snacks such as Doritos, but still pretty good. The taste was a mild sort of ranch flavor at first, not a bad taste at all, but not nearly as loaded with flavor as a Cooler Ranch Dorito. There was also a hot aftertaste, which seemed to be fighting and winning the battle with a less desirable soy aftertaste, leaving you with a decent sensation at the end, rather than the awful dominant soy aftertaste that some soy chips have.

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Smell test: There's a good ranch smell, and it also smells like deep-fried food.

From the package: “Great crunch!” ... “Feel Good Snacking™” ... “Low Carb - High Protein - Good Fiber” ... “Net Carbs 5/12 Protein” ... “Low Carbohydrates - People controlling their carbohydrates intake should only count 5 grams of the 9 grams of total carbohydrates. You may subtract dietary fiber (4 grams), which has a minimal impact on blood sugar.” ... “Made from Non-GMO Soy Beans by IPP (Identity Preservation Program.)”

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Company: Natural Snacks, LLC

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