Ritz Bits Sandwiches Graham Cracker S'mores (Simpsons version)

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Ritz Bits Sandwiches Graham Cracker S'mores (Simpsons version)

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Taste test: With thousands of snacks already reviewed on Taquitos.net, we normally would not get excited about discovering a slightly different variety of a snack we've already tried.

This was a definite exception to that rule, as I spotted Homer's smiling face in the office vending machine and immediately knew that I had to buy these, even though I had already eaten a version without anyone's faces on them. There were 13 sandwiches in the bag. Each sandwich actually included two Simpsons faces, one on each cracker. This bag had 7 Lisas, 4 Marges, 3 Barts, 6 Homers and 6 Maggies. Most of the sandwiches had two different characters on them. The exceptions were two all-Maggie sandwiches and one all-Homer sandwich. The sandwiches were filled with half chocolate and half marshmallow between two round graham crackers (not actual Ritz crackers) and they tasted pretty good. A must-eat for Simpsons fans.

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Smell test: A good s'more smell.

From the package: “More Mmmm in the Middle™”

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Company: Nabisco, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at TechTarget headquarters, 117 Kendrick Street, Needham, Massachusetts. Review published .

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