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Wise Star Spangled Doodles

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Wise Star Spangled Doodles

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Taste test: These are basically white cheese puffs with many tiny red and blue specks on them, but the overall color of each puff from a distance is still pretty much white.

The taste was pretty good, and the consistency was pretty good as well, but maybe slightly styrofoamy in some pieces. You generally get a stronger kick of cheese from the various fluorescent orange cheese puffs. I liked the bag design more than the small amount of red and blue in the actual puffs. Walking around with a bag like this is a great way to show your American colors while enjoying the great American snack, cheesy poofs.

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Smell test: Mild but good white cheddar aroma.

From the package: “Summertime is the perfect time for parades, picnics and Wise® Star-Spangled doodles®. Made with real premium White Cheddar Cheese, Start-Spangled doodles® are the delicious, all-American snack that goes great with summer fun, barbeques and patriotic celebrations! Wise® Star-Spangled doodles® are packed with the same mouth-watering flavor as Wiser® White Cheddar cheez doodles®, but also festively decorated with Red & Blue sparkles. This combination of cheezy flavor and patriotic colors makes Star-Spangled doodles® a trult revolutionary snack sensation!”

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Company: Wise Foods Inc.

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