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Overload King Size Assorted Peanut Butter Cups (blue package)

Overload King Size Assorted Peanut Butter Cups (blue package)

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Taste test: This package contained a plastic tray holding three large peanut butter cups, each topped with a different candy.

The leftmost one had three large, roundish lumps of Butterfinger (not chocolate-coated Butterfinger Bites, but almost the same thing without the chocolate coating). The center cup had something resembling M&M's, but not actually M&M's, as the label indicated that they are "made with Nestlé candies." There were 12 of the non-M&M's visible (6 green, 2 yellow, 2 blue, one orange and one red), each with about half of the candy exposed and half within the peanut butter cup. Of the 12 was positioned vertically, with the top half broken off and missing. The third cup contained an even coating of tiny pieces of Buncha Crunch. Overall, it was OK but not great. The cups were very deep, definitely deeper than Reese's. There was much less peanut butter taste than Reese's. The peanut butter was too sugary, the chocolate were very creamy, and the two didn't taste all that different from each other. The various coverings didn't really affect the taste a whole lot, as the cups were so deep that the coverings didn't make up that large of a portion of the overall cup. Best of the three was probably the Butterfinger.

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Smell test: Kind of like Reese's but more chocolatey and less peanut buttery.

From the package: “Overload is not manufactured, distributed or a product of Nestlé USA.”

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Company: S&S Candies, Inc.

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