Go Paks! Mini Chips Ahoy!

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Go Paks! Mini Chips Ahoy!

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Taste test: These tiny cookies were just under an inch in diameter, but about the same thickness as a regular Chips Ahoy.

They definitely qualify as bite-size. They come in a container designed to fit into a car's cup holder. I don't know whether the concept of such a small chocolate chip cookie that you can eat anywhere was such a good idea idea. In general, chocolate chip cookies are good, but they're about a hundred times better with a glass of cold milk. It's not as easy to carry around a glass of milk with you as it is to carry this cookie container. As far as the cookies themselves, I like chocolate chip cookies as much as the next guy, but I just wasn't that excited about these. The miniature size just doesn't work that well for chocolate chip cookies. A single bite of these is smaller than the typical bite from a regular cookie, so you get less chocolate in your mouth at any given time. Regular Chips Ahoy cookies taste better.

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Smell test: Smells like regular Chips Ahoy cookies.

From the package: “Go-Paks! cups are ... Perfect for cup holder. Reach in to snack. Crush-proof. Reclosable.” ... “Bite-size cookies with Big chocolate chips”

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Company: Nabisco, Inc.

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