Trader Joe's Corn a Copious

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Trader Joe's Corn a Copious

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Taste test: How do you get a popcorn kernel to be only partially popped? Trader Joe's has figured out a way, as this bag is full of partially popped (or partially unpopped?) popcorn kernels, and then they've salted it it to make a snack.

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These kind of taste like a mix between corn nuts and popcorn. If you are a big fan of crunching the unpopped kernels, you'll find that this is easier to eat and less work for your teeth (isn't it bad to be eating unpopped kernels?). The parts that are partially popped don't actually taste like popcorn, they taste more like a corn nut. Anyway, it was an interesting taste, and we had to go brush our teeth afterward.

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Smell test: Smells like burnt popcorn (slightly)

From the package: “Have you ever popped so many corn kernels that you have some stubborn unpopped ones left over? Here's a product that's sorta popped, sorta not. Made from a particularly bombastic recipe, this is a salty treat that's sure to be POPular.”

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