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Cheetos Requeijão

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Cheetos Requeijão

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Taste test: All thumbs are up on these delicious snacks.

They're shaped like small crinkle-cut French fries, but they have the same consistency of a Cheeto. If you close your eyes, they taste like the regular orange Cheetos, plus you get the bonus of not having the orange stuff stick to your fingers. Another opinion: They taste sort of like buttered popcorn. We would definitely buy another bag of these.

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Smell test: These smell like Smartfood popcorn.

From the package: “Sente só astral do novo Cheetos Requeijão. Osabor não tem igual é gostoso de montão. Mergulhe de cabeça nesta onda de arrasar. Ela se espalha na boca. Uh huuuh! é de arreebntar. Não seja prego. Fique ligadão na onda do novo Cheetos Requeijão.

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Company: Pepsico Do Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Amigo Express Food Stop, Brighton, Massachusetts.

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