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Shape Up! With Dr. Phil McGraw Oatmeal Raisin Complete Nutrition Bar

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Shape Up! With Dr. Phil McGraw Oatmeal Raisin Complete Nutrition Bar

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Taste test: This looked like a granola bar with an off-white sugary coating on the bottom and some matching diagonal white stripes on top.

It was about three-quarters of an inch thick. It felt light when I held it but very dense when I bit in. The taste was on the sweet side, and barely anything like the oatmeal raisin taste I would expect, but still OK. Kind of like eating a carrot cake, but not great or even good, but acceptable. Kind of cinnamony. I only ate about a third of the bar, but I didn't see or taste any evidence of raisins.

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Smell test: Kind of strange. I figured it would smell like an oatmeal raisin cookie, but it doesn't at all. Maybe like carrot cake.

From the package: “Change your behavior and take control of your weight” ... “Meal replacement or nutritious snack” ... “15g protein 6g dietary fiber 24 vitamins & minerals 220 calories”

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Company: CSA Nutraceuticals, LLC

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