Lunchables Cheese & Salsa Nachos

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Lunchables Cheese & Salsa Nachos

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Taste test: Given the small size of this package compared with other Lunchables, I expected it to be a snack size, but it actually turned out to be just about big enough for lunch.

I was impressed by how many chips were included, as there were about 60 small, round tortilla chips, each just under an inch in diameter. The tangy cheese dip was pretty good, with even a few tiny pieces of hot pepper visible in it, and there was enough to get some cheese on each of the many chips. There was also plenty of salsa, but it was mediocre, kind of on the acidy side.

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Smell test: The chips have a good tortilla chips smell. The cheese sauce smells good and tangy. The salsa smells OK.

From the package: “Tortilla Chips - Kraft® Nacho Cheese Dip & Salsa” ... “Net Wt. 404 oz (125g)”

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Company: Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation

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Trivia: We generally avoid reviewing snacks that require refrigeration, but we made an exception for these because, as Beavis would say, "Nachos rule!"

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