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Nestle Toll House Candy Bars Soft and Chewy Cookie

Nestle Toll House Candy Bars Soft and Chewy Cookie

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Taste test: I think the concept here is that they took the basic ingredients of a chocolate chip cookie, but instead of using those ingredients to make a cookie, they produced a candy bar.

This package contained two bars, each half the length of the package. Each bar was coated with chocolate, as you would expect a candy bar to be. The taste was very sweet and pretty good. It did taste sort of like a chocolate chip cookie, but only sort of, since there was a bunch more stuff in there as well, including caramel and the chocolate coating. Overall, really I don't get the point. If I want a chocolate chip cookie, I'll get one, or if I want a candy bar, I'll get one. But I don't see any overwhelming demand for a food that tries to be both.

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Smell test: Very chocolatey.

From the package: “Soft Chewy Cookies, Caramel & Morsels Covered in Creamy Nestlé Chocolate” .... “Product of Canada”

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Company: Nestle

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