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Jax Extremely Cheesy Splats

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Jax Extremely Cheesy Splats

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Taste test: These are small cheese puffs that come in a wide variety of shapes.

In terms of texture, they vary from splat to splat, but they generally they're somewhat crunchier than most cheese puffs and quite a bit softer than your typical crunchy cheese curl. Any given splat might be very soft or moderately crunchy. They taste good, with a good helping of sharp cheese flavor. They leave all sorts of orange cheese powder residue on your fingers. Because the splats are so small, there must be at least a thousand of them in this bag.

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Smell test: Wow, very, very, very cheesy smell.

From the package: “The happy Jax® family is bursting with pride ovet the arrival of Jax® Splats™ the most recent addition to the famous Bachman® Jax® cheese curl family. These fresh, sassy little guys are chock-full of genuine cheddar cheese goodness. The like Big Daddy Jax and Auntie Diet Jax, little Jax® Splats™ give you a big blast of real cheddar cheese with every bite. Parens love giving kids an easy, cheesy, tasty treat they'll love. Kids are crazy about Jax® Splats™ because they're way cool ... and so fun to pop into your mouth.”

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Company: Utz

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