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Lunchables Fun Snacks Chips Ahoy! Soft Cookie 'n Frosting

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Lunchables Fun Snacks Chips Ahoy! Soft Cookie 'n Frosting

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Taste test: This snack was a definite disappointment.

The packaging is an impressive-looking plastic contraption with three individual compartments and a brighly colored peel-off cover, containing all that you need to construct a special snack. But upon opening it, I realized that the package contains exactly one (count it, one) cookie. It seems like way too big of a production for it to contain just one cookie. (In fairness, it does say on the package that there's one cookie inside, but other than those words, it definitely looks like the kind of package that should contain more cookies.) Besides the cookie, there's a bunch of sugary white frosting, some sugary colored sprinkles, and a spreader for the frosting. Figuring I should go all out with my one cookie, I spread just about all of the frosting onto the top of the cookie, and then dumped all of the sprinkles onto it. Then I ate it. I normally like Chips Ahoy cookies, but rather than make them even better, the frosting was a definite detrator. A chocolate chip cookie is basically a delivery vehicle for the chocolate chips. The taste of the sugary vanilla frosting got in the way of the chocolate, so the end product was definitely less than the sum of its parts. Just a plain Chips Ahoy cookie would have been much more fun.

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Smell test: The cookie smells like a chocolate chip cookie, and the frosting smells like frosting.

From the package: “1 Soft Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookie Vanilla Frosting Naturally & Artificially Flavored Rainbow Sprinkles.” ... “Stir frosting before using.”

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Company: Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation

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Trivia: Foodmaster keeps these refrigerated, but the package says, "No Refrigeration Needed"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Johnnie's Foodmaster. Review published .

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