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Calbee Potato Veggie Sticks

Calbee Potato Veggie Sticks

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Taste test: These are really good. They're shaped like little French fries. They're crunchy. They've got a nice flavorful seasoning. They're delicious.

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Aroma: Nice potato smell.

Manufacturer: Calbee Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan)

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From the package: " “POTATO VEGE STICKS” is made with potatoes and garden vegetables, seasoned to a delicate perfection. Contains absolutely no preservatives. “POTATO VEGE STICKS” , the unique snack, Ideal for any occasion!" ... "Our moisture proof packaging assure that products retains its. texture." [sic]

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Cheng Kwong Market, Chinatown, Boston.

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