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Sopresa Wacko's Chips Gusto Ketchup

Sopresa Wacko's Chips Gusto Ketchup

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Taste test: These are very good ketchup-flavored potato chips, with a much different taste than a lot of ketchup chips have. Whereas others try to simulate a tangy, vinegary ketchup, these are actually a lot more like a sweet tomato sauce. In particular, they remind me of the Manischewitz tomato sauce that my mother uses when she makes Passover crepes. A very tasty chip.

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Aroma: Smells sort of like ketchup.

Manufacturer: San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare Spa (Italy)

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From the package: "Ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, flavourings, salt, flavour enhancer: E621. Does not contain peanut oil."

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee in Lucca, Italy. Review published .

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