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Evans Hot Sauce Flavored Cheese Nibs

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Evans Hot Sauce Flavored Cheese Nibs

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Taste test: These look like short, stubby cheese puffs, except that they've got a fiery red coloring. The texture is sort of crunchy but a bit styrofoamy, and the taste is pretty hot, but without a whole lot of other appeal as far as the flavor goes. If you like hot stuff, they're OK, but given the wide variety of hot-flavored snacks available in the Chicago area, you can do a lot better than these.

The competing Jay's Hot Stuff Crunchy Cheezlets win over these in both texture and taste, with a far superior crunch and a way better flavor. Still, this was a pretty big bag of snacks for just 50 cents.

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Smell test: Interesting. It doesn't actually smell hot or make my mouth water, but it smells much different than regular cheese puffs, and it does smell good.

From the package: “Serving Size 1 bag (64g) Servings Per Container 1 Calories 350 Calories from Fat 190”

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Company: Service, Sales & Distribution, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's on North Michigan Ave., Chicago. Review published .

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