Frontera Cuadritos Bite-Size Tortilla Chips Chipotle Sesame

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Frontera Cuadritos Bite-Size Tortilla Chips Chipotle Sesame

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Taste test: These are small, square-shaped tortilla chips.

They taste kind of like Fritos, but with some very mild flavoring. I was expecting something hot when I heard "Chipotle" and saw the various kind of chiles in the ingredients. I don't see any sesame seeds. so they must be ground up. The taste is really not hot at all, and there's just a mildly hot aftertaste. If you can manage to dip these little chips into salsa without getting salsa all over you're fingers, they would good dipping chips.

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Smell test: Good tortilla chips smell, with some spices.

From the package: “They're Enticing, these Little Squares. Sweet-earthy tortilla 'chiplets,' you might call them, shot through with the perfect flavors to jump-start a rockin' party, to spark an intimate conversation, to scratch a pesky snack itch.” ... “Ingredients: Stone ground yellow corn cooked in water with a trace of lime, corn oil, Chipotle chili powder (imported paprika, ancho chiles, mild New Mexico chiles, garlic chips, cumin, Chipotle chiles, Mexican oregano, coriander, cloves), sesame seeds, salt."

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Company: Frontera Foods Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Whole Foods Market (formerly Bread & Circus). Review published .

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