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Tiritas 100% White Corn Tortilla Strips
Snack Review

Tiritas 100% White Corn Tortilla Strips

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste test: These are smallish, rectangular tortilla chips, with a nice corn taste and a medium level of salt.

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The chips are very crisp, but also fairly thin and very brittle. As a result, many of the chips in the bag were broken. The unbroken ones about three inches long by an inch wide, but it was hard to find very many that were intact. I didn't have any dip handy when we ate them, but I would definitely advise caution if you plan to dip these. The brittle chips seem likely to break under the salsa's weight if you put anywhere near as much salsa on them as I would want to.

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Smell test: Nice tortilla chips smell.

From the package: “Geometry: The are lots of things Grandpa and I studied back in school that didn't seem all that useful at the time. Take geometry. It seemed like a lot of hoo-haw to us. But recently, while visiting my friend Rosita's hacienda in Mexico, those old geometry lessons came in handy. Late one night, unable to sleep, I found myself in the kitchen experimenting with some new ideas. As my mind wandered back to those old geometry days, I began forming tortillas into various shapes. My favorite was this new rectangular-shaped tortilla chip. As I was admiring my work, I was startled by a noise behind me. It was Grandpa rummaging around for his midnight snack. He walked toward me with a jar of salsa in hand, muttering about not being able to find a bowl. I gave him a handful of those little strips and watched him dip right our of the jar. The next morning, while cleaning up what few tortilla strips Grandpa didn't finish, I pondered what to call my latest creation. Rosita's young son tugged at my apron, asking me if he could finish the Tiritas™. 'Tiritas™?' I said. 'Yes, senora, Tiritas™ — little strips.' So now you have it. Thanks to my geometry memories, a new angle on dipping was born.”

Online store: Buy tortilla chips on Amazon #ad

Company: Shearer's

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This snack was contributed to Taquitos.net by the manufacturer. Review published .

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