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Lance Nekot S'mores Poppers Bite-Size Chocolate & Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

Lance Nekot S'mores Poppers Bite-Size Chocolate & Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

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Taste test: These are very tasty little snacks, and they live up to their name. The filling is monochromatic — the chocolate and marshmallow have evidently been mixed together, so you don't see separate brown and white, but these really do taste like s'mores, and they're good. They're small enough that you can have just a tiny sweet snack if you want, but it's unlikely that you'll eat just one. I tried microwaving a few of these to get the melted marshmallow effect, and it did eventually melt the filling, but it really wasn't a melted marshallow sort of feel or taste, so it didn't really add anything to the experience. They come in a convenient Ziploc-like resealable container, but every time I resealed it, I ended up going back for more just a few minutes later, so it's unlikely you'll keep it sealed for long.

Aroma: Very nice s'more smell, very marshmallowey.

Manufacturer: Snyder's-Lance, Inc.

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From the package: "Fresh choices that hit the spot anytime, anywhere!" ... "New Lance® Poppers™ pack your favorite flavors into a great new Bite-Size snack! For more snackin' satisfaction try our other Lance® Poppers™ flavors!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Family Dollar. Review published .

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