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Glenny's Tangy Ketchup Potato Crisps

Glenny's Tangy Ketchup Potato Crisps

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Taste test: These circular snacks are about an inch and a half in diameter and look sort of like rice cakes, but they have a less styrofoam-like consistency than rice cakes. They have a mild ketchup flavor that tastes OK, and the taste of the underlying crisp is remotely similar to Pringles. Pretty good, nothing spectacular — but did I end up eating the whole bag, which is supposed to be two servings.

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Aroma: A vinegary kind of ketchup smell. It hits you hard at first, but then it becomes more tomatoey.

Manufacturer: Glenn Foods, Inc.

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From the package: "Love yourself! Treat yourelf to the best tasting, healthiest crisps available anywhere ... Lite & crispy bursting with natural flavor. Glenny's Potato Crisps are rich in soy protein and natural Vitamin E, a great combination for heart healthy nutrition." ... "Low Fat" ... "Extra Protein"

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