Tom's Hot Cheezers Crunchy

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Tom's Hot Cheezers Crunchy

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Taste test: These are Cheetos-like snacks that have the "fiery red" powder on them to simulate heat as opposed to the normal "orange" powder on a crunchy cheese curl.

There is a kick of heat when you first put one of these on your tongue, and a bit of an afterick, but the cheese puff itself seemed a little stale, and not as crunchy as a Cheeto would be. Still, after a few of these you'll need to get a glass of water to cool down your mouth. Not as hot as some jalapeno-style hot snacks, but good enough if you like hot chips. We're more concerned about the lack of crunch.

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Smell test: No great aroma other than the "inside of a bag" smell.

From the package: “Tom's Hot Crunchy Cheezers are so hot, I bet you can fry an egg on them. Why ... Tom's Hot Crunchy Cheezers are so hot you can probably see the steam rising from your ears as you toss down handful after handful of fiery, crunchy corn snacks. Try to stay calm though, or you'll start whistling like a locomotive. Woo! Woo! You want sizzling hot? You've got it right here in this flaming bag! If you don't like intense, blistering heat, ... put this bag down right now! Wimps need not purchase!”

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Company: Snyder's-Lance

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This snack was discovered by Keith in Titusville, Florida. Review published .

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