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Time Out Party Mix

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Time Out Party Mix

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Taste test: This is a good snack mix, consisting of knotted pretzels, stick pretzels, crunchy cheese curls, barbecued corn chips, and small, pizza slice-shaped nacho cheese tortilla chips.

The cheese curls and tortilla chips have plenty of good cheese flavor, and the corn chips are larger and fairly flat in contrast to your standard curly Frito, with a good barbecue-type seasoning. There's enough flavor on all of those to balance out the bland but good pretzels. Overall, a good combination.

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Smell test: Good, very intense cheesy smell.

From the package: “Snacks to Enjoy: Nibble, Munch Savor & Crunch!
'Variety is the spice of life' said a wise soul years ago and never were truer words spoken! To add zest to your next party try Time Out™ Party Mix, an exciting blend of our most popular and tasty snacks. Their crunchy goodness and spicy seasoning brings fresh excitement to every party. Make a party out of every day! Keep a fresh bag of Time Out™ Party Mix on hand to satisfy that urge for a casual snack or for a spur-of-the-moment party. This delicious Mix is always a Party Pleaser.”

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Company: DSDA Inc.

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