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Herr's Red Hot Potato Chips

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Herr's Red Hot Potato Chips

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Taste test: They have a hot aftertaste and are a little too salty for most.

A decent hot chip, though their color is offputting — a nuclear orange, much like the orange on the bag. They also leave a lot of nuclear orange residue on your hands.

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Smell test: A sweet BBQ sauce smell, with a hit of cayenne.

From the package: “We at Herr's take great pride in bringing you fresh, natural, great-tasting potato chips. Our use of the finest ingredients is a time-honored tradition. Not surprisingly, we think our chips are the most delicious potato chips you can buy. What gives our chips their exceptional treat taste? It's no secret. It's the way they're made! We take special care to select only the finest potatoes. We cook them in vegetable oil so they turn out crisp and tasty, and then quickly seal them in Herr's foil-like packaging. We do not use any preservatives. Sunlight and moisture get locked out. Freshness gets locked in, right up to the moment you open the bag, take out a chip, and eat it. Delicious!”

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Company: Herr's

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