Unique Pretzels Jalapeno Cheddar Mini Splits

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Unique Pretzels Jalapeno Cheddar Mini Splits

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Taste test: These hard pretzels had the flavor baked inside the pretzel instead of powdered on the outside.

While I couldn't taste the cheese in the (the regular cheese version of Unique Pretzels), I could definitely taste the jalapeno in these. The taste was subtle at first, but after you've eaten a few, you'll wonder why your mouth is burning. Not the hottest snack I've tasted, but you get a good "burn" aftertaste. Interestingly, I didn't taste the cheese in this one either, although others said there was a mild cheese taste. Imagine eating a jalapeno-flavored Cheese Nip and a pretzel at the same time and you'll get an idea of the taste.

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Smell test: You can definitely smell the jalapeno after opening the bag.

From the package: “We at Unique Pretzel Bakery, a family owned and operated business, are proud to serve our customers with a selection of crunchy-tasty pretzels. Unique Splits pretzels, are the only pretzels of their kind in the world and are available in a variety of flavors for your enjoyment. Having been in business for five generations, we wish to say 'thank you' for your continued patronage and loyalty. We ship pretzels anywhere! Call 1-888-4-SPLITS.”

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Company: Unique Pretzel Bakery Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Weis Market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Review published .

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