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Jeppi Maryland Mix
Snack Review

Jeppi Maryland Mix

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Taste test: This snack mix combines almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews and pumpkin seeds.

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The first few fistfuls were delicious. The more sizeable almonds and cashews tended to be over-represented in the first fistfuls; the smaller ingredients tended to settle in the bottom of the bag. The roasted almonds had a definite roasted taste. They appeared slightly browned and were on the dry side. The raisins were also slightly drier than usual, simply because of the environment in the bag. Unlike raisins in raisin boxes, these were not stuck to each other in a big goo. They added sweetness and a slight acidic aftertaste to the mix. Some of the sunflower kernels were as long as the length of a thumbnail. They were of a predictable taste, adding a slight hint of bitterness. The cashews were surprisingly fun to eat. They were not too big, and had a slight sweet aftertaste, a bit like dry apples. The pumpkin kernels were green and tasty, though like the sunflower kernels, they didn't have a strong distinctive taste. It was fun to chew on them. They seemed hard, but actually became soft after only a few bites. The key to this snack, however, is not the taste of each individual ingredient, but the orchestration of the tastes and textures when mixed together. I highly recommend this snack!

One comment about the bag: It is a clear plastic bag that appears sturdy but is not especially easy to rip open. However, once one has an established tear-line at the top of the bag, this tear-line is not easy to discipline and coerce at any predictable pace as one progresses to the bottom of the bag. When pressured, the tear-line plastic suddenly gives way and the bag is torn every which way. But this is a minor plastic bag engineering problem that in no way detracts from the quality and enjoyment of the contents.

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Smell test: The smell upon opening is nutty and inviting, a woody aroma that is both fresh and satisfying.

From the package: “Ingredients: Whole roasted almonds, raisins, raw sunflower kernels, whole unsalted cashews and raw pumpkin kernels”

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Company: Jeppi Nut Company

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Josh & Rachel's Wedding. Review published July 2002.

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