Kroger Crunchy Cheese Curls

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Kroger Crunchy Cheese Curls

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Taste test: These are excellent cheese curls with a big crunch, lots of cheese taste, and a ton of bright orange cheese powder.

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They leave a lot of cheese powder residue on your fingers — you can either wash it of, or leave it there to save and have as another snack when you get hungry later. There were quite of few large cheese curls in the bag, including some strangely shaped ones.

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Smell test: Mild cheese smell, toasty and pretty good.

From the package: “When the Crunchinator craves a big cheesy crunchy snack, he just tears into a bag of Kroger Cheese Curls. But the Crunchinator wasn't always a hip hop happenin' cheese crunchin' kinda reptile nooo ... that is until the lonely gator came across a pack of picknickers. While the Crunchinator wanted to befriend this snacking crew, the mere sight of a gator sent the picknickers scrambling ... leaving behind their bag of Kroger Cheese Curls. For the Crunchinator, it was love at first crunch ... the cheesy taste exploded in his mouth and sent a cheesy wave all the way down to the tip of his tail. You might say Cheese Curls radically changed this gator's life! Crunchinator's now a cool, crunchin' gator with an appetite for the great cheesy taste of Kroger Cheese Curls. He's the big cheese of the swamp. So tear into a bag for yourself! Just don't get between the Crunchinator and his bag!”

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Company: Kroger Co.

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This snack was discovered at Smith's, 9851 W. Charleston, Las Vegas. Review published .

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