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Stoned Classics Natural Tortilla Chips

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Taste test: These are OK tortilla chips, round in shape.

They've got a nice taste. They're less crunchy than I'd like, with a very slightly moist, stale feeling (even though it's a month before this bag's expiration date).

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Smell test: Normal tortilla chips aroma

From the package: “Many moons past, the ancient Aztecs slowly cooked corn with fresh lime. Once the corn became soft, it was ground with a rock mallet in a stone bowl until it became masa dough. They then formed it into circular shapes for dipping or filling. The final result was a uniquely flavored chip or 'tortilla' as the Aztecs called it. Keeping in the Classic Foods' tradition, we have recreated these methods of cooking and present you with Stoned Classics™. Stoned Classics™ have a distinct texture and robust flavor.”

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Company: Classic Foods, Inc.

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