Fresh Shrimp Chips
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Fresh Shrimp Chips

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Taste test: These aren't that bad.

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They're very large chips, shaped sort of like potato chips, except sort of thick and styrofoamy in consistency, with a fairly good, crisp crunch for a styrofoam-like chip, and they have a not-entirely-terrible shrimp taste. The shrimp taste is nothing I'd go out of my way to eat, but if I were standed on an island, I'd much rather eat these than starve. But most people wouldn't get near then. In fact, only one person (same one who wrote this review) even tasted them.

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Smell test: Smells like the lobster chips that nobody liked.

From the package: “Eat soon after opening to avoid losing freshness & tastiness.” ... “Product of Thailand”

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Company: Happy Cereals and Oil Co. (Thailand)

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Trivia: This bag was extremely difficult to open. Tried and tried and couldn't pull it apart. Ended up piercing the bag and cutting it open with a pin.

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