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New McNuggets = Chicken McGoodness

More about chicken: Chick-fil-A | Broasted Chicken | Chick-fil-A Gallery

By Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks

In praise of the new McNuggets

While they are still not as good as Chick-fil-A nuggets, McDonald's has given chicken fans a treat with their new McNuggets, now claiming to be all white meat.

There's not really much different here, with the exception that the nuggets are all white meat. They have the same outer batter, which reminds me of the apple pie batter/covering. Mmmmmmmmm.

The best thing about the new McNuggets? No more McNugget Roulette. Opening up a six-pack (or if you were brave, the 20-piece box) of McNuggets before involved taking the not-so-rare chance that you'd bite into a McNugget and find dark meat staring back at you. After years of being burned by the dark McNuggets, I gave up altogether on them.

Of course, it helped that I discovered the joy of Chick-fil-A to ease my McNugget pain.

But since Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Northeast are as rare as a Red Sox fan who's an optimist, I was left with a McNugget drought. Whenever I went to McDonald's, I ended up ordering the #2 value meal, specifying that the two cheeseburgers be plain. Placing a special order at McDonald's, of course, leads to long waits at the front counter, and many confused stares from new cashiers. (I'm pretty sure that I drove Irene from the Cleghorn McDonald's into a new career after my many special orders.)

So having the new McNuggets brings me some sense of joy, as I can now go to the drive-thru or the front counter, order my 10-piece McNugget Value Meal and quickly be on my way. When I'm eating the new McNuggets, I'm still somewhat paranoid that I'm going to run into a dark meat piece, but after a few months of having the new McNuggets (I average about 2 meals of them per week), I'm pretty confident.

Speaking of 10-piece McNuggets, you'll notice that they've increased the number of McNuggets you can get. To get the 6-piece, you have to order it as a Happy Meal (or Big Kids Meal). That isn't so bad as long as the toy is good — but if you end up with a Tonka truck or a Barbie, it isn't so much fun. If you're in it for the toys, you might want to consider Burger King, where periodic promotions involving Simpsons toys make the actual food unimportant. (But if it's a Jimmy Neutron month, stay away.)

Having McDonald's increase the number of McNuggets is just another trend by restaurants to supersize everything. I think the small drink size now is the size that used to be large when I was a kid.

But that's another tale. For now, Viva Las Nuggets!

More about chicken: Chick-fil-A | Broasted Chicken | Chick-fil-A Gallery

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