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Questions About Benihana

Q: We're looking for a Japanese restaurant with Benihana-style hibachi tables. Can you suggest any?

A: There's Benihana, for one.

Q: Where is Benihana's Las Vegas restaurant located?

A: It's in the Las Vegas Hilton.

Q: How does Benihana's restaurant in the Las Vegas Hilton compare with other Benihana locations?

A: According to this very annoying (possibly insane) woman at our table, who said she has eaten at every Benihana on the East Coast, the Las Vegas restaurant has a limited menu, the highest prices and the worst service.

Q: When that woman said "East Coast," what did she actually mean?

A: She meant "West Coast."

Q: Does the Burger King in Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have Benihana-style hibachi tables?

A: No.

Q: What directions did Benihana's web site provide for getting from the Central Square Burger King to the Las Vegas Benihana?

A: 1: Start out going Northwest on MA-2A towards NORFOLK ST by turning left. 0.2 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto PLEASANT ST. 0.1 miles
3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WESTERN AVE. 0.5 miles
4: WESTERN AVE becomes WESTERN AVE BRIDGE. 0.1 miles
5: WESTERN AVE BRIDGE becomes WESTERN AVE. 0.0 miles
6: Turn LEFT onto SOLDIERS FIELD RD. 0.2 miles
7: Take the I-90 ramp. 0.6 miles
8: Merge onto I-90 W (Portions toll). 148.0 miles
9: Stay straight to go onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY W (Portions toll). 6.6 miles
10: NEW YORK STATE TRWY W becomes NEW YORK STATE TRWY N (Portions toll). 361.5 miles
11: NEW YORK STATE TRWY N becomes I-90 W. 101.4 miles
12: Take the I-90 W exit towards CLEVELAND. 0.5 miles
13: Merge onto I-90 W. 17.4 miles
14: Take I-71 S towards COLUMBUS. 0.1 miles
15: Merge onto I-71 S. 8.5 miles
16: Take the exit, exit number 239, on the left towards OH-237 S/AIRPORT/BEREA/I-480 W/TOLEDO. 0.4 miles
17: Merge onto BEREA FRWY. 0.1 miles
18: Take the I-480 W exit, exit number 238, towards TOLEDO. 0.5 miles
19: Merge onto I-480 W. 8.4 miles
20: Take the I-80 W/OHIO TURNPIKE/TOLL ROAD exit towards TOLEDO. 1.0 miles
21: Merge onto I-80 W (Portions toll). 287.0 miles
22: Take the I-80/I-94/IN-51 exit, exit number 21, towards ILLINOIS TOLLWAY/US-6 W/DES MOINES. 0.9 miles
23: Merge onto I-80 W (Portions toll). 22.8 miles
24: Take the I-80 W exit towards IOWA. 0.9 miles
25: Merge onto I-80 W. 144.2 miles
26: Take the I-80 W exit towards DAVENPORT. 0.6 miles
27: Merge onto I-80 W. 192.4 miles
28: Take the I-80 W exit towards COUNCIL BLUFFS/OMAHA. 0.6 miles
29: Merge onto I-80 W. 474.3 miles
30: Take the I-76 exit, exit number 102, on the left towards DENVER. 0.1 miles
31: Merge onto I-76 N. 186.6 miles
32: I-76 N becomes I-70 W. 501.4 miles
33: Take US-70 W towards BEAVER/LAS VEGAS. 0.2 miles
34: Take the exit. 1.1 miles
35: Merge onto I-15 S. 244.0 miles
36: Take the SAHARA AVE exit, exit number 40, towards CONVENTION CENTER. 0.5 miles
37: Merge onto W SAHARA AVE. 0.5 miles
38: Stay straight to go onto E SAHARA AVE. 0.1 miles
39: Turn RIGHT onto PARADISE RD. 0.6 miles

Q: What happened to the Burger King in Central Square?

A: It went out of business in 2005 and became a fancy restaurant called Rendezvous. They retained the big windows and skylights facing Mass Ave.

Q: What happened to Rendezvous?

A: It went out of business in 2014 and became Viale, still with the Burger King windows and skylights.

Q: Are there any Benihana restaurants in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

A: No. But there is a Japanese restaurant that is like a Benihana, which we ate at during our Snacking Trip to Virginia. Keith actually ate some shrimp there too.

Q: Are there any Benihana restaurants in Orlando, Florida?

A: Yes. But we haven't eaten at any of them. We did, however, eat at two Benihana-style restaurants in the Orlando/Kissimmee area: Kabuki Steak House and Kobe Japanese Steak House (which has no connection with Kobe Bryant, as far as we know).

Q: What was the most surprising thing you've heard while chatting with your tablemates at a Benihana or a Benihana-style restaurant?

A: "We're professional clowns."

Q: If you need to find a Japanese Lemon, where should you go, according to the Benihana-style chef at the Kabuki Steak House in Kissimmee?

A: Publix.

Q: If you are at a Benihana-style restaurant, what should you not do in front of the other customers?

A: Play with all of your gadgets and ignore your children.

Q: Who did that?

A: Gadget Daddy.