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Questions About Benihana

Q: We're looking for a Japanese restaurant with Benihana-style hibachi tables. Can you suggest any?

A: There's Benihana, for one.

Q: Where is Benihana's Las Vegas restaurant located?

A: As of 2019, there are two locations in Vegas. One's in the Fashion Show Mall, facing the Strip. It opened in 2016. The other is in the Westgate (but last time we ate there, the same building was known as the Las Vegas Hilton).

Q: How did Benihana's restaurant in the Las Vegas Hilton compare with other Benihana locations?

A: According to this very annoying (possibly insane) woman at our table, who said she has eaten at every Benihana on the East Coast, the Las Vegas restaurant has a limited menu, the highest prices and the worst service.

Q: When that woman said "East Coast," what did she actually mean?

A: She meant "West Coast."

Q: Did the Burger King in Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have Benihana-style hibachi tables?

A: No.

Q: When you used Benihana's web site back in 2002 to get directions from the Central Square Burger King to the Las Vegas Benihana, what did it recommend?

A: 1: Start out going Northwest on MA-2A towards NORFOLK ST by turning left. 0.2 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto PLEASANT ST. 0.1 miles
3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WESTERN AVE. 0.5 miles
4: WESTERN AVE becomes WESTERN AVE BRIDGE. 0.1 miles
5: WESTERN AVE BRIDGE becomes WESTERN AVE. 0.0 miles
6: Turn LEFT onto SOLDIERS FIELD RD. 0.2 miles
7: Take the I-90 ramp. 0.6 miles
8: Merge onto I-90 W (Portions toll). 148.0 miles
9: Stay straight to go onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY W (Portions toll). 6.6 miles
10: NEW YORK STATE TRWY W becomes NEW YORK STATE TRWY N (Portions toll). 361.5 miles
11: NEW YORK STATE TRWY N becomes I-90 W. 101.4 miles
12: Take the I-90 W exit towards CLEVELAND. 0.5 miles
13: Merge onto I-90 W. 17.4 miles
14: Take I-71 S towards COLUMBUS. 0.1 miles
15: Merge onto I-71 S. 8.5 miles
16: Take the exit, exit number 239, on the left towards OH-237 S/AIRPORT/BEREA/I-480 W/TOLEDO. 0.4 miles
17: Merge onto BEREA FRWY. 0.1 miles
18: Take the I-480 W exit, exit number 238, towards TOLEDO. 0.5 miles
19: Merge onto I-480 W. 8.4 miles
20: Take the I-80 W/OHIO TURNPIKE/TOLL ROAD exit towards TOLEDO. 1.0 miles
21: Merge onto I-80 W (Portions toll). 287.0 miles
22: Take the I-80/I-94/IN-51 exit, exit number 21, towards ILLINOIS TOLLWAY/US-6 W/DES MOINES. 0.9 miles
23: Merge onto I-80 W (Portions toll). 22.8 miles
24: Take the I-80 W exit towards IOWA. 0.9 miles
25: Merge onto I-80 W. 144.2 miles
26: Take the I-80 W exit towards DAVENPORT. 0.6 miles
27: Merge onto I-80 W. 192.4 miles
28: Take the I-80 W exit towards COUNCIL BLUFFS/OMAHA. 0.6 miles
29: Merge onto I-80 W. 474.3 miles
30: Take the I-76 exit, exit number 102, on the left towards DENVER. 0.1 miles
31: Merge onto I-76 N. 186.6 miles
32: I-76 N becomes I-70 W. 501.4 miles
33: Take US-70 W towards BEAVER/LAS VEGAS. 0.2 miles
34: Take the exit. 1.1 miles
35: Merge onto I-15 S. 244.0 miles
36: Take the SAHARA AVE exit, exit number 40, towards CONVENTION CENTER. 0.5 miles
37: Merge onto W SAHARA AVE. 0.5 miles
38: Stay straight to go onto E SAHARA AVE. 0.1 miles
39: Turn RIGHT onto PARADISE RD. 0.6 miles

Q: What happened to the Burger King in Central Square?

A: It went out of business in 2005 and became a fancy restaurant called Rendezvous. They retained the big windows and skylights facing Mass Ave.

Q: What happened to Rendezvous?

A: It went out of business in 2014 and became Viale, still with the Burger King windows and skylights.

Q: Are there any Benihana restaurants in Harrisonburg, Virginia?

A: No. But there is a Japanese restaurant that is like a Benihana, which we ate at during our Snacking Trip to Virginia. Keith actually ate some shrimp there too.

Q: Are there any Benihana restaurants in Orlando, Florida?

A: Yes. But we haven't eaten at any of them. We did, however, eat at two Benihana-style restaurants in the Orlando/Kissimmee area: Kabuki Steak House and Kobe Japanese Steak House (which has no connection with Kobe Bryant, as far as we know).

Q: What was the most surprising thing you've heard while chatting with your tablemates at a Benihana or a Benihana-style restaurant?

A: "We're professional clowns."

Q: If you need to find a Japanese Lemon, where should you go, according to the Benihana-style chef at the Kabuki Steak House in Kissimmee?

A: Publix.

Q: If you are at a Benihana-style restaurant, what should you not do in front of the other customers?

A: Play with all of your gadgets and ignore your children.

Q: Who did that?

A: Gadget Daddy.

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