Broasted Chicken: Answers to All of Your Questions

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Q: What is "broasted"?

A: "Broasting is a registered process that builds pressure in the pot which seals in the natural juices while sealing out almost 100% of the cooking oil. The Broaster Co. perfected the first Broaster in 1952." according to Beef Villa.

Q: Where can I purchase broasted foods?

A: Places that we've heard of include Beef Villa (Elgin, Illinois) and Dedham House of Pizza (Dedham, Massachusetts).

Q: What happened to noted broasted chicken restaurant Ma Glockner's in Bellingham, Massachusetts?

A: It went out of business in September 2008.

Q: What happened to The Broasterie in Buffalo Grove, Illinois?

A: Apparently it was replaced by a bank branch.

Q: Before it became a bank, what did the Broasterie say on its Interweb site about its broasted food?

A: It said, "You haven't lived until you've had broasted chicken from The Broasterie, in Buffalo Grove. Now that Gil, Sheila and Ethan are back, the chicken tastes better than ever!"

Q: Have you heard anything about Scotty's Broasted Chicken and Ribs in Lake Havasu City, Arizona?

A: According to an e-mail that we got from Erin Gilchrist, "The food is unbelievable. People come from all over the West Coast to eat at this place, and it's a tiny little shack.  They do so well with the broasting thing. You should really check this place out."

Q: Have you heard any references to broasted chicken on TV?

A: On the second episode of "Ed" (Oct. 15, 2000), somebody said "I blew my whole life savings trying to start a broasted chicken restaurant." Then somebody else said "What this jackass knows about broasting chicken could fit in a thimble." Then the first guy said (grumpy and slightly insulted) "That was uncalled for!"

Q: Has broasted chicken ever been mentioned on The West Wing?

A: Yes. In season 3, episode 227221, titled "We Killed Yamamoto," which originally aired in May 2002, Josh Lyman said: "Better to look chicken than to get broasted." Then an unidentified staffer said: "What's broasted?" Then Josh said: "I've never really known, but it's what they do to chickens."

Q: How do you know about all of these broasted chicken references that have been on TV?

A: Stewart told us.

More about chicken: Chick-fil-A | McNuggets | Chick-fil-A Gallery

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