Melissa's Top 5 Chips

By Melissa Shaw
Senior Reviews Editor

5. Smiths Bacon Flavour Fries

Smiths Bacon Flavour Fries

Why: These are simply awesome. Sure, bacon + fried chip-like substance could = instant heart attack, but these chips taste just like bacon. Even more impressive, they look like tiny strips of bacon. Genius! Downside: On initial appearance they could pass for dog treats. Bigger downside: Available only in Britain. Why did we break away from the Mother Country?


4. Eden Wasabi Chips

Eden Wasabi Chips

Why: Three words: mmm, mmm, mmm. If you like Wasabi, this is the greatest snack to come down the pike. Unlike true Wasabi, which'll make you cry if you get a snootful, these little beauties are just hot enough to excite, but not hot enough to make you scream, "Why, God, why?" The only downside is they're rather expensive, considering you could inhale a bag in about 5 minutes. But they are good. Much better than Wasabi peas.


3. Terra Blues

Terra Blues

Why: File under the Looks Can Be Deceiving category. The chips look like nasty dried slices of plum, but they have a great potato-y flavor. Plus the chips themselves are huge. However, they can leave you with flaky, purpley debris on your hands, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, the folks at Terra are of the "only fill the bag halfway" persuasion, which means buy two bags at once if you like them.


2. Tim's Cascade Style Hot Jalapeño Seasoned Potato Chips

Tim's Cascade Style Hot Jalapeño Seasoned Potato Chips

Why: As Comic Book Guy would say, "Best hot chips EVER!" He would probably even be wearing a T-shirt stating such fact. I like these chips so much, I would wear one, too. If you're a fan of the hot, it doesn't get much better than this. Caution: Make sure you have some liquid nearby when enjoying these delights. We made the mistake of not having enough beverages on hand one night. We couldn't stop eating them, ran out of water, and were in great distress. Learn from our mistakes.


1. Terra Yukon Gold Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

Terra Yukon Gold Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

Why: It's like a warm, buttery, baked potato in a bag. I don't know what I did to the good folks at the Stow Star in Stow, Mass., who tragically haven't carried these in two months, but for some reason think it's OK to carry 27 insanely disgusting flavors of Stacy's Pita Chips. Oh, the humanity. If you ever see these chips, dear reader, give them a try. So, so yummy.


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