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Taquitos.net Contributors

Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

Jeremy began his quest to try every potato chip in the world in 1995. In 2000, he launched Taquitos.net, the Crunchiest Site on the Interweb.

He has bought and eaten chips in the United States, Canada, England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Switzerland and Italy. His expertise on chips has been quoted in Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, Newsday, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times. He has talked snacks on Food Network's "Roker on the Road", Boston TV's "Phantom Gourmet", "TV Diner" and "Chronicle", on radio with NPR's A Chef's Table, Fox Sports Radio's Kiley & Booms, and That Saturday Show on CBC Radio in Canada.

He is the former food editor of the daily Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper. From May 2005 through January 2007, he wrote the "Delicious Discovery" snacking column for On DirecTV Magazine (despite having cable instead of DirecTV, and not even getting all the channels). He was editor of the 1991 Dining Out guide for Philadelphia.

He can usually tell the difference between a tuna sandwich and a chicken salad sandwich, just by looking. To burn off all of those snack calories, he has run three marathons and countless other road races. He finished second at the 2001 Snaxpo 5K road race.

Jeremy Selwyn's contributions:

Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks

Keith is one of the world's pickiest eaters. He owns a specially shaped case designed to hold about a dozen Pringles with no risk of breakage. He once worked the popcorn machine at Syracuse University's Carrier Dome. He spends his vacations scouting Florida and upstate New York for new and delicious chips. He specializes in describing the aromas of chips. Beyond his extensive duties reviewing chips for Taquitos.net, Keith writes and produces videos about technology and gadgets, and you should read his stuff, whether or not you have a Palm Pilot or even know what one is. Keith thinks taquitos are gross. Keith is tired of being a wannabe league bowler. He wants to be a league bowler. (Actually, Keith is a league bowler and his average is 170.)

Keith once saw his doppleganger (aka Bizarro Keith or K2) at a Worcester Ice Cats hockey game. He was too scared to go up to him for fear that it would destroy the universe.

Keith Shaw's contributions:

Q: Can you tell me anything else about Keith Shaw?

A: Yes. Keith Shaw is the Guru of sport scale electrically powered aircraft. [Editor's note: Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of the scale model pilot.] He is manager of the Star Market in Stow, Mass. He played football for Wake Forest. He has his own cardiac care unit at St. James's hospital in Dublin, Ireland, dedicated to treating heart attacks caused by eating too many chips. He is also former principal of the largest high school in Manitowoc County.

Melissa Shaw
Senior Reviews Editor

Melissa closes bottles and jars tighter than anybody I've ever met. She likes noodles so much that she named her cat after them. If you know any people who look like Ricky Lake, she may be willing to write an article about them — just like when she was editor of Gardner Sunday.

Melissa Shaw's contributions:

Stewart Deck
Doughnut Editor

Stewart attended the 1999 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. He spends his mornings planning new combinations of the dozens of varieties of dry cereal that he and his wife Bess keep stocked in their kitchen. He is obsessed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. A few years back he visited the company's headquarters to meet with senior management. He plans his business travel and vacations around the locations of Krispy Kreme stores and the availability of quality barbecue. In between meals, he's been a writer for Computerworld and CIO.

Stewart Deck's contributions:

Q: Are there any alternate spellings for "Stewart"?

A: Some people spell it "Stuart".

Q: Can you tell me anything else about Stuart Deck?

A: No. But there's information available about Stuart's Deck.

Amitai Touval
Overseas Editor

Amitai has traveled all over the globe to find many delicious chips, plus some others too. He is an analyst with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and lives in New York.

Mairéad Doolan
Southern Hemisphere Bureau Chief

By day Mairéad is a mild mannered editor and webmaster but by night, she tirelessly roams the aisles of Australia's supermarkets and snack retailers in the endless quest for new and exciting taste sensations. With her finely honed kung fu skills and two feline sidekicks, she has spent years fighting the war against dodgy snacks. Texas, the Siamese hellcat, can sniff a snack at half a kilometre before sending in Starsky, aka the Destroyer, to finish off the pack. Her well stocked snack arsenal means no-one in the Southern Hemisphere ever need go hungry again. Need catering tips for your next party? Mairéad is your girl.

Lowell Thing
Contributing Editor

Lowell is the creator of whatis.com, the best encyclopedia of information technology terms on the Interweb.

Lowell Thing's contributions:

Steve Ulfelder
Pringles Editor

When he's not snacking, Pringles advocate Steve Ulfelder races cars and writes novels. He's written about business and technology for Darwin magazine (before it folded), The Boston Globe, Computerworld and lots of other publications.

Steve Ulfelder's contributions:

Whatleigh Torsey
Grilled Cheese Editor

Whatleigh is widely recognized as one of America's foremost authorities on grilled cheese sandwiches. She has a team of sled dogs and an army of puppies, in addition to her cats, cows etc. She lives in some really remote part of New Hampshire, where you're allowed to race sled dogs. She's also a database engineer. Whatleigh claims to be the only person in the world named Whatleigh.

Whatleigh Torsey's contributions:

Q: Can you tell me anything else about Whatleigh?

A: No.

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