Krispy Kreme Comes to Life in Medford, Massachusetts

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

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When Krispy Kreme announced that it was expanding into New England, it was big news. This is home turf for Dunkin' Donuts, and lots of people in the Boston area wouldn't know Krispy Kreme Doughnuts from crispy cream (or creme) donuts, but the KK mystique has at least begun to spread to these parts.

The first Massachusetts location opened June 24, 2003, at Wellington Circle in Medford (pronounced "Meffa" around here, and already home to eleven Dunkin' Donuts stores). Below is a chronicle of my attempt to attend the opening ceremony for the temporary mobile Krispy Kreme that came to Medford for four days, along with an ongoing look at the building of the fabulous permanent store.

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