Where have all the fries gone?

Wendy's has shrunk my Biggie! (sort of)

By Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks

This is what you get now with a medium combo meal. No more biggie fries.


I've been a lifelong fan of Wendy's, not just because they offer square hamburgers on round rolls, but because their fries are a nice change from the shoestring fries at Burger King and McDonald's.

Recently I noticed that Wendy's was not giving out as many fries as they used to. Had they shrunk the boxes? Had they capitulated to the same special-interest groups that caused McDonald's to get rid of its "Super-Size" offerings?

I had to find out. I made an end run around the Wendy's PR department, and I asked Diane (not her real name), one of the longtime cashiers at the Wendy's near work.

Diane said that they haven't shrunk the boxes. They've just changed which size of fries goes with each combo meal.

Back in the day (maybe last year?), if you ordered a "medium" combo meal, you would get the "Biggie" fries and medium soda. The "Biggie size" meal included the "Great Biggie" fries and the "Biggie" drink. (The Great Biggie fries is a giant red box that could feed a small country, and the Biggie Drink holds 32 oz. of soda, requring two or three trips to the bathroom during an afternoon.)

So now, when you order the medium combo meal, you get a medium fries and the medium soda. When you Biggie Size the meal, you get the Biggie fries that used to come with a medium meal, plus the same the 32-oz. mega soda as before. I'm not sure what you have to do to get a meal with the Great Biggie fries, but if there is such a thing it might come with a Great Biggie soda cup that would hold more than 32 oz. I'm too scared to find out.

It's ironic that the same restaurant that has the Triple burger (I've never seen anyone order it or eat one, although co-workers have threatened to order it) would undertake this fries downsizing on their combo meals.

The bottom line is that I'm getting fewer fries, and that makes me sad.

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