2006's Most Popular Snack Reviews

Snackers vote with their mice for the most-read reviews of the year

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Loyal readers of Taquitos.net are probably familiar with our Most Popular Snack Reviews page, which keeps a running score of the most-read snack reviews on Taquitos.net for each of the previous six months.

As part of our new year's snack coverage, Taquitos.net's Department of Statistical Statistics has aggregated the most-read reviews for all of 2006:

  1. Pirate's Booty
  2. Sabritas Papas Fritas Adobadas
  3. Lay's Ketchup Chips
  4. Cheetos Puffs
  5. Andy Capp's Hot Fries
  6. Sabritas
  7. Howard's Crispy Fried Chicken Skins
  8. Chex Mix Traditional
  9. Tim's Cascade Style Hot Jalapeño Seasoned Potato Chips
  10. Matutano Cheetos Pandilla/Fantasmas Sabor a Queso/Queijo
  11. Monster Munch Pickled Onion
  12. Sepasang Naga Squid Cracker
  13. Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot
  14. Hershey's Kissables
  15. Rap Snacks Lil' Romeo Bar-B-Quing with my Honey Flavored Chips
  16. Munchos
  17. Tako Chips Octopus Flavored
  18. Planters Cheez Mania
  19. Kellogg's Yogos Strawberry Slam Yogurt-Covered
  20. Humpty Dumpty Sour Cream & Clam Ripple Chips
  21. White Chocolate M&M's Pirate Pearls
  22. Bugles Original Flavor
  23. Sun Chips Original Flavor Multigrain Snacks
  24. Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
  25. Doritos Nacho Cheese

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