Thyme and Tangerine? Bleh

Flavor combinations that make more sense than Wasabi and Maple

By Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks


Just in case you've been holding your breath wondering, "I wonder what the top flavors of 2007 will be?", the fine folks at McCormick have come up with their forecast. The company this week announced its Flavor Forecast 2007, an "annual look at the tastes that will define the year." McCormick just happens to make a lot of the flavors that made the list. Amazing.

Anyway, the top 10 flavors for 2007, according to McCormick, include:

For snack fans, it's unlikely that a lot of these combinations will end up in your next batch of Doritos or Lay's, although some may appear in gourmet potato chip varieties, maybe from a brand like Kettle Chips or Terra. The McCormick web site offers recipes that include some of the combinations.

The company says it uses a "network of researchers, trend experts, chefs, home economists, food technologists and sensory analysts" to compile its forecast, which makes me wonder how to become trained as a "sensory analyst" or a "food technologist". There's probably some math involved.

If you asked me, the snack manufacturers should ignore flavor combinations like those from McCormick, and instead focus on flavors that might work well on a potato chip or a cheese puff. Here are my suggestions for flavors:

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