Lego My Eggo, Indeed

New waffles encourage you to play with your food

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


This new variety of Eggo Waffles looked like fun, promising a Lego-like shape that lets its eaters "Toast Break & Build!" So I bought a box.

Each square sheet consisted of six 2x4-grid detachable bricks. So the idea is that you toast your waffles, cut them up into Lego bricks, build something, and then (presumably) eat your Lego creation. I had a huge Lego collection when I was a kid and built all sorts of things with them, so the idea of edible Legos seemed appealing.

Unfortunately, it was a lot less fun than it sounded. This was a severely flawed concept. Problems included:

Even if you manage to get a good sheet of waffles, cook them evenly, and cut them perfectly, they look a heck of a lot less like Legos than the picture on the box. And you really can't do much with them other than eat them.

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