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Vitner's Sizzlin' Salt 'n Sour Potato Chips
Deep River Snacks Salt & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
Pik-Nik Sea Salt & Vinegar Shoestring Potatoes
Dirty Potato Chips Salt & Vinegar
Utz Kettle Classics Olde English Style Salt & Malt Vinegar
Tayto Bistro Crushed Sea Salt & Aged Vinegar Flavour Potato Crisps
Econochoice Salt & Vinegar Flavour Chips
Red Rock Deli Special Reserve Champagne Vinaigrette & Shallot Ultra Deluxe Potato Chips
O'Donnells Authentic Hand Cooked Tipperary Crisps Irish Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt
Terra Yukon Gold Salt & Vinegar

Vinegar Chips

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