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Hostess Twinkies Red, White & Blue!

Hostess Twinkies Red, White & Blue!

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Taste test: This box contained 10 Twinkies with a special color scheme, individually packaged in clear wrappers bearing the Hostess logo. The Red and Blue were represented by small spots of those colors throughout the yellow cake exterior. The blue was more of a teal, not the shade that I usually associate with Red, White and Blue, and the Red was a very bright red.

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The sponge cake remained yellow, so the White was from the usual white filling and wasn't even visible until biting in — but twist my arm, I'm willing to do that! When I did, it seemed like the usual Twinkies taste, which I like a lot. There did seem to be a lot of creme filling, maybe more of it than they typically pack into a Twinkie. If they could have made the sponge cake white, it might have these more visually interesting, but still, they were Twinkies, so, still good.

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Smell test: Regular Twinkies smell.

From the package: “10 Individually Wrapped Cakes” ... “Golden sponge cake with creamy filling” ... “Limited Edition”

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Company: Hostess Brands, LLC

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