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Hostess Banana Twinkies

Hostess Banana Twinkies

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Taste test: This version of Twinkies looked just like regular Twinkies, as the sponge cake was the same yellow color, and the creme filling, despite being banana-flavored, was still white.

The box didn't claim that these were made with real banana, as they squeezed in the words "Artificially Flavored" in tiny type, and the flavor lived right up to those claims, as there was lots of very sweet fake banana flavor. Too sweet, in the opinion of most of our tasters. Not really awful or anything, but this is definitely a case where I would rather just have an original Twinkie — or if I was interested in eating a banana, I'd get an actual banana. One of our tasters went so far as to scrape out the banana filling with a knife so that she could just eat the yellow cake part. If you do buy a box of these, definitely consider having a glass of cold milk with each one to counteract the oversweetness.

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Smell test: Smells like fake banana. Not really in a bad way, in that it was actually OK, but it just didn't smell anything like real bananas.

From the package: “Golden Sponge Cake with Artificially Flavored Banana Creamy Filling”

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Company: Interstate Brands Corporation

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