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Samjin Choco Charlteok Pie

Samjin Choco Charlteok Pie

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Taste test: When I saw the picture on the front of this box, it appeared that this would be similar to some of the other chocolate pies that we've reviewed, which generally combine spongy/crumbly cookie/biscuit with marshmallow. This one also promised some peanut butter, but still, nothing too radical.

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When I opened the box, the individually wrapped pieces inside were obviously quite a bit smaller than the others. I opened a wrapper to find that the round pie was about 2 inches in diameter and a bit over half an inch thick, with a slightly textured chocolate exterior. Biting in brought the huge surprise, which was the very soft, moist, cake-free interior. It didn't look like the cut-away view shown on the box, as the central layer was peanut butter as shown, but much thinner, and the outer part between the PB and the chocolate didn't look white, but rather it was sort of a translucent gelatin.

The feel and taste were quite different from all of the other chocolate pies, and from a distance, I would say it didn't look like something that I would enjoy. And yet, it was really quite good, with a nice mix of chocolate and peanut butter and a very soft, almost melty feel. With nothing in there that could make crumbs!

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Smell test: Good peanut butter smell.

From the package: “Korean Glutinous Rice cake coated with Chocolate, filled with Peanut cream”

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Company: Samjin (Korea)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Cambridge/Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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