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Oreo Chocolate Pie Strawberry

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Oreo Chocolate Pie Strawberry

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Taste test: When I found this box with the words "Oreo Chocolate Pie" on it, I really had no idea what to expect. Based on the size of the box (about the same as your average cookie box) and the use of "Pie" in the singular, I kind of figured it might contain a single pie that resembled a much-oversized Oreo. But when I opened the box, I found that there were six individual packets — not one giant pie. The "pie" in each one was a bit bigger than a conventional Oreo, but still quite small by pie standards: 2-1/4 inches in diameter (vs. 1-3/4 inches for an Oreo cookie) and 5/8-inch thick. The top had an enlarged version of the typical Oreo design, and the bottom was flat and smooth, with a pattern of Nabisco logos embossed into it.

I bit in to find a soft feel, definitely a marshmallow pie texture and not an Oreo one. In cross-section, it did kind of resemble an oversized Oreo. There were two chocolate cake layers surrounding a light pink strawberry marshmallow layer, with a thin milk chocolate coating over the exterior. The coating felt a bit melty on the fingertips. As for taste, the chocolate was rich, but the strawberry kind of threw a wrench into things, making it hard to compare against regular Oreos and against other non-fruity marshmallow pies. I didn't find the strawberry and chocolate to be a great combination.

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Smell test: Strong chocolate and strawberry smell. OK.

From the package: “Product of Japan”

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Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Super 88, Boston. Review published .

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