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Jumbo Donettes Chocolate Iced Cake Donuts

Jumbo Donettes Chocolate Iced Cake Donuts

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Taste test: I can't start this review without harping on the product's name for a while. The name was derived from another Hostess product, Donettes, which are mini versions of donuts, sold in tube-like packs of six and also in bags containing even more. But if you go back from Donette to the regular size, it's just a donut, not a Jumbo Donette by any reasonable kind of logic.

The other problem with calling these Jumbo Donettes was that there's no corresponding Donette for this type of donut anyway. There are three kinds of Donettes: plain cake, chocolate coated and powdered sugar. But this was a cake donut with chocolate frosting covering the upper half and a light smattering of colorful sprinkles attached to the frosting.

The rigid, clear plastic package contained six individually wrapped Jumbo Donettes. They were about the size of the inexpensive supermarket donuts that my favorite supermarket, Market Basket, sells in boxes of 12 for $1. That's quite a bit smaller than your typical donut store donut (another reason not to use Jumbo in the name). They had a soft feel and tasted good, with a nice strong helping of chocolate.

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Smell test: Mild chocolate smell.

From the package: “Cars have cup holders. Why not donut holders?” ... “More than twice the size of donettes®”

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Company: Hostess Brands, LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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